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"The average man doesn't know that food has anything to do with sex."


Dr. Bass
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From the project of interviewing Stanley S. Bass about his experiences with Karezza sex techniques, The Life Science Publishing created the 2008 book Energy-Karezza. Here Dr. Bass tells the story of how, in his 30's, he was on his way to become a celibate yogi through Brahmacharya, when he learned about reaching the same spiritual goal via Karezza & Tantra sex. He decided to try Karezza instead.
Even though his personal goal was spiritual, Dr. Bass soon discovered that women loved Karezza sex, and couldn't get enough. When he started teaching the improved Energy-Karezza method to couples with marital problems, the results were astounding. Usually, within weeks, the couple had fallen in love again. Problematic marriages healed, becoming more and more harmonious and stronger with time.

Over time, over 50+ years, he not only gained experience concerning every aspect of Karezza/Tantra, but also - thanks to his energy-understanding, being an orthopathic doctor - developed an improved, more powerful & easy-to-learn, version. Traditional "Karezza/Tantra" can be difficult for men, but "Energy-Karezza/Tantra" is easy, and also gives more pleasure & prolongation..

Repeatedly Dr. Bass saw that energy-enhanced Karezza, or Energy-Karezza, resulted in happier marriages, and fewer extra-marital affairs & divorces as well as new heights in pleasure, bliss and prolongation of sex. Secondary results included higher energy, more vitality, longevity and health, increased stamina & virility for men, slim and trim bodies, healing of sexual diseases/problems, as well as an easier road towards spiritual bliss and "being in the now" experiences.

        The book was created from (The Life Science Publishing) interviewing Dr. Bass, and contains the complete content of Energy-Karezza course that Dr. Bass has been teaching students for 50+ years. Plus, two Karezza classics (in the appendix):
1. John Noyes book "Male Continence" from 1872, and 2. a selection of the best from Alice Stockham's "Karezza - Ethics Of Marriage" from 1903.
And much more, e.g. an analysis of the interesting psychology of Karezza. Two years later a shortened version was creeated by The LIfe Science Publishing, named Better Than Orgasm.         Read a book excerpt here

"Nobody seems to have experience, when it comes to the interplay between proper eating, thinking and sex"

"Thank You. You've made an incredibly important contribution to humanity
- from primitive "animal" behavior to the highest spiritual experience and life-existence."

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"Older Karezza books are very enthusiastic, but more descriptive than instructive.
They may be flowery, bubbling over with happiness. The authors talk about how wonderful they feel."

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"The basics of Karezza is that the man withholds his ejaculation, until the woman has had one or several orgasms and is satisfied. After that, he can have his orgasm. The result of Karezza is that the man will discover a way to create stronger and stronger orgasms for both the woman and himself."

happier marriages fewer divorces

Why do I promote Karezza? Because good Karezza-techniques make couples stay together, and their happiness will spill over to children and extended family, I have seen it happen. Couples become happier, and sex gets more exciting with time.

Many women are frustrated and bored with standard sex, but enjoy Karezza and Tantra sex. The complete sexual satisfaction each partner receives soon develops into true love and devotion.

healing of sexual diseases/problems

I said, "I will teach you how to solve your problem with your girl." He said, "is it possible?" I said, yes and explained Energy-Karezza. Ten days later he came back to me, and said, "she fell in love with me. Now she wants to marry me". I asked him, "are you happy with it?" He said, "you saved my life."

The 3 stages of sex: standard sex, karezza, tantra The 3 stages of energy-enhanced sex: standard sex, energy-karezza, energy-tantra

I simplified and improved the techniques more and more - I wanted to avoid any unnecessary or impractical additions to it, which abounded in the popular literature published.

higher energy more vitality, longevity & health

In this area the blind are leading the blind. Many are writing books about sex, but few offer anything of value. Nobody seems to have experience below the surface when it comes to sex, or the interplay between proper eating, thinking and sex.

Here are some basic problems: in the first place, the average man is unaware of good technique. ... By the time he is finished, after 20 minutes, she is just beginning to warm up. ... As a result, a lot of women have not experienced adequate orgasms, or any orgasm.

new heights in pleasure & bliss

But the answer is not foreplay. What about the after-play? What about the during-play? The foreplay is just an introduction. What happens after that?

transformation from peak orgasm to valley orgasm

With traditional Karezza and Tantra you are limited by your energy reserve as to how high you can go, both in pleasure and spirituality. You may have short endurance, but you don't know why. It's a hit-and-miss situation. First when you bring energy-understanding into the picture, is it possible to see how to overcome your limitations.

slim and trim bodies

The longer I was with one woman, the more exciting the sex was. If sex was very hot after one year, after 4 years it was even hotter. Why? Because by then, there are no inhibitions left. In fact, the inhibitions start to disappear when a man and a woman are making love for one hour, two hours, three hours.

I have seen many social failures blossom into great successes, simply by the development of a fair amount of proficiency in the practice of sex.

increased stamina increased virility for men

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"There is no longer any need for affairs. Instead the love between husband and wife only gets stronger with time, and the sex gets better and better."
Book Description
When couples practice "standard sex", or conventional sex, discord and dissatisfaction often surface after a few years, or earlier. The wife may become uninterested in sex. The partners may lose interest in each other, so strain and stress appear, the marriage gets cold, and extra-marital affairs and divorces result. This is very common.
When couples instead start using Karezza, something new happens. Women love this kind of sex, as do men. Couples fall passionately in love again. (See e.g. the historical testimonials.) Extra-marital affairs stop. Interestingly, the longer the couple is together, when Karezza is practised, the stronger their mutual devotion and love becomes. A new atmosphere of peace and happiness permeates their whole family, something that will no doubt improve the wellbeing and health of all family members, including children.
In this book Dr. Bass generously gives away valuable knowledge from 5 decades with Energy-Karezza. He explains the "Secret of Energy", how food & drink influence sexual stamina and enjoyment, the optimal movements, the amazing psychology of Energy-Karezza, the increased vitality, the improved self-confidence, the natural birth control, the spiritual "being in the present" experience, the prolonged sex-exercise resulting in slim and trim bodies, and much more. A basic manual is included. He teaches how to overcome premature ejaculation & impotency for men, and frigidity for women, and many other problems, naturally and effectively.
The book teaches an effective, energy-enhanced and easy-to-learn version of Karezza sex: Energy-Karezza. It explains how eating habits are closely connected to successful sex. Many examples from Dr. Bass' own life are included.
Here is the bottom line: Every marriage can become ideal and loving, and every husband can become a world-class lover.
On a larger scale - Energy-Karezza may also have the potential to reduce sex slavery & prostitution (due to diminished need for extra-marital sex); to reduce child-abuse (due to happier & more harmonious parents); to reduce drug-abuse & drug-trafficking (since Karezza gives higher pleasure than drugs); and even be a solution to the over-population problem (at least when men understand that increased pleasure is closely connected to semen control).

Essential older Karezza writings have been included in the appendix: "Instruction Manual of The Oneidans: Male Continence" by Rev. John Noyes (1872) and chapters from "Karezza: Ethics of Marriage" by Alice Stockham, M.D. (1903).

About Dr. Bass
Dr. Stanley S. Bass (b. 1918), N.D. D.C. Ph.C., Ph.D., D.O., D.Sc., D.D., founder of The Life Science, minister, yogi, Knight of Malta since 1983, orthopathic doctor for over 50 years in New York. He has produced books on the art of natural healing, superior nutrition, fasting and wholesome living. Website:
"I simplified and improved the techniques more and more - I wanted to avoid any unnecessary or impractical additions to it, which abounded in the popular literature published."

Stanley S. Bass:
How to make every wife sexually wild about her husband;
Fascinating and powerful sex for marital fidelity and bliss

September 1, 2008 (FPRC) -- Is it even theoretically possible that every wife could become crazy about her husband? Is it possible to make every husband a world-class lover? Yes, absolutely, according to Dr. Stanley S. Bass. He himself has helped transform many marriages via Energy-Karezza. Dr. Stanley S. Bass has been able to break new ground and lift the old sex-practices Karezza and Tantra to new levels, thanks to his understanding of energy-medicine and nutrition. This is no theoretical knowledge. Dr. Bass throughly tested these advanced methods on himself and students during 50 years. The book describes this new frontier in sex, in a simple and descriptive manner, and a basic manual is included. He is critical overfor most existing sex-literature and calls it "the blind leading the blind". Karezza and Tantra are no longer difficult for the average person. Thanks to the new frontier opened with Energy-Karezza, every man can now quickly help his woman enjoy sex maximally. Men will get many-fold increased sexual pleasure, sustained for longer time; as well as more self-confidence, virility & attractiveness, from following Dr. Bass' advice. Other benefits: renewed love between husband and wife, fewer divorces, happier families. Dr. Bass has seen numerous examples of this among his Energy-Karezza students. The book also teaches how to increase your health, longevity & vital energy, and how to get rid of sexual problems naturally. Dr. Bass introduces the "Secret Of Energy", enabling optimal vital power in all areas of life. He describes the amazing psychology of this kind of sex. He tells many stories from his own 50 years with Energy-Karezza, e.g. comparing the Brahmacharya road to spiritual bliss with the Karezza/Tantra road.
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