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Interview with Stanley S. Bass about ENERGY-KAREZZA
by Patrick Timpone at ONE RADIO NETWORK -- 7-2013.

Dr. Stanley Bass:
Enjoying Superior Sex Your Entire Life
(42 min.)
- part of a longer interview about natural healing, (do-it-yourself) ideas:
"Achieving Optimal Health and Freedom from Disease".

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Interview with Stanley S. Bass
The International Natural Hygiene Society (11-08).


Percentage-wise, in your experience, how many marital problems are connected to "too short sex"?

I would say all. I am quite certain that all marital problems are due to "too short sex". The average man, how long is his sex? If he can last 20 minutes he is doing fine. He wants sex, because he's got the drive, and he thinks having an orgasm is the way to end it. He doesn't know that there is another kind of sex. So consequently he doesn't try to control himself. Then if he is excited, he is going to move according to the excitement. And the faster he moves, the quicker he will come, and the woman ends up unhappy and frustrated. Because she needs much longer time for satisfaction, and by the time she is beginning to warm up, he is finished.

I am a doctor, and when a woman is consulting me, she may tell me that she is not happy with her husband. I ask her why, and we talk. Finally I find out that she doesn't know what is wrong. But if I probe enough, I always find that the sex is lousy, but she doesn't know that anything is wrong. Why? Because everybody has the same problem.

I would say a majority of women, if you ask if they are happy in sex, they think they are. Even if the sex is bad, they think they are happy. It is weird. The sex is the problem, but nobody knows it is the problem. Since everybody has the same experience, quick sex, they think this is normal. Instead they intellectualize what the cause of the problem is, blaming the money, nagging, sarcasm, his/her ego, etc. ...

Most men and women have a semi-secure but boring relationship. Couples may not know they are unhappy. If you have not experienced Karezza, how can you factor that into the equation? You just factor in the average life, which is incomplete. Karezza takes all the boredom out of sex.

When they start Karezza everything changes. Now she loves him and can't do enough for him, and he is very happy with her, always buying her presents. He is talking nice to her, being very polite, because he is so happy.
He feels very good, he has energy, sex is always available and he never gets tired of sex, and the woman becomes an integral part of his life. He depends on her, because he needs her.
There is no depletion, so he can have sex as often as he wants. And the woman always feels complete: oh my man, he loves me, he never leaves me alone, he is always touching me and kissing me, caressing me. And their egos zoom, they love themselves, they respect themselves. If a man loves a woman, she feels complete. She feels secure. But if a man doesn't love a woman or is arguing with her, then she feels insecure. So with Karezza, the whole psychology changes completely. The psychology gets unbelievable, it gets so great that if you talk about it, people don't believe it. They think you are exaggerating.

If Karezza is so exceptional, why isn't common already now?

Well, you have to know about it. We are not at the highest point of civilization, so people don't know about it. When we reach the highest point, everybody will be doing Karezza.
Also, people may only know what they read in the newspapers, or hear about. Existing books about Karezza are few and far between. Older Karezza books are very enthusiastic, but more descriptive than instructive. They may be flowery, bubbling over with happiness. The authors talk about how wonderful they feel.

J. William Lloyd, in "The Karezza Method" from 1931, uses a lot of fancy words and talks about it in a lofty way. He is not very instructive, trying to become ecstatic in the description. He is trying to mentally give you some kind of sensation about it. At the time people were puritanical, and his style of writing may have been exciting for them.
Then there is Alice Stockham's "Karezza: Ethics of Marriage" (1901), John Noyes "Male Continence" (1872) (included in Energy-Karezza's appendix), George Noyes Miller's "The Strike of A Sex" (1891), which don't go into much practical detail either. If you wanted to learn Karezza from these books, then you had to do what I did, test it out on your own.
And if you don't know enough about the topic, you may not always succeed. Prolonged sex requires knowledge. The average man would probably take a woman out, have a big meal at a restaurant; and then Karezza may not work. And then he will say: it is phony, it doesn't work. Because he doesn't know about the connection between nutrition and sex. That is why energy-understanding is so valuable.

You say that Karezza is a solution for the overpopulation problem?

Absolutely. It may be the only way to master it, because of the higher ecstacy with Karezza, compared to standard sex. The average man, using ordinary sex, may wind up with a lot of children. Very poor people often have more children than they want, have large families, and cannot afford them. But they can't help themselves, because sex may be their only real pleasure.
If these people learn Karezza, with postponed (or no) ejaculations, then they can get even higher pleasure. Increased pleasure without the severe penalty of large families, which they can't afford, and which lead eventually to overpopulation and the destruction of the world.

Karezza could have an impact on prostitution and sex-slavery?

Prostitutes make a lot of money from people who are frustrated in sex. If a husband doesn't satisfy a wife, she may always be "too tired" when he wants sex. So he doesn't get much sex, and is always frustrated. His wife doesn't want sex, because she doesn't get any pleasure with it. Their sex-life is boring, and nobody gets anything out of it. Their marriage becomes like a knocked-down and dragged-out affair, because they don't know anything better.
Prostitution is the lowest way to experience sex. Historically prostitution was flourishing, because men were frustrated in sex. But with Karezza this changes. Karezza removes marital frustration. Because Karezza is more exciting than eating, more exciting than power, more exciting than making money. Hundredfold more exciting than standard sex. Once a man knows Karezza, he doesn't want a prostitute, he wants a real woman.
I think if Karezza became standard practice, it would mean the end of prostitution, sex trade and sex slavery.

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