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Even though I have been teaching Energy-Karezza for many years, it is rare that I receive a written testimonial from a student, who is willing to have it published with name and address. But just before finishing this book in 2008, by coincidence I was contacted by a married man, who had been practicing (an advanced form of) Energy-Karezza for 25 years. He had learned about the method from one of my lectures in 1983. The letter follows here.

Dear Dr. Bass,
I consider it very important that you know that you introduced me to Karezza 25 years ago and that I've practiced it with great success and satisfaction. It is the greatest and most truthful approach to sex. I don't need stimulants like Viagra etc., as I can perform embrace (sex act) several times (2 - 3 - 4) times a day for hours (if needed or have time for it) with my wife, and always at the end enhanced, more enthusiasm (no disillusion, depletion, or emptiness), and more pep ("get-up-and-go"). No unfulfilled satisfaction, frustration or "let-down". My wife expressed total support as it is the greatest way to value/appreciate the love we have for our wife or partner, as we are not using her as a receptacle for our "discharge".
We are always concentrating on "Love" and not on arrival at orgasm, as happiness (love) is the WAY, and the ego totally evaporates/disappears.
Again, Thank You.
You've made an incredibly important contribution to humanity - from primitive "animal" behavior to the highest spiritual experience and life-existence.
(Full address at the end of the book.)

After receiving the above testimonial letter, I called the letter writer for additional information that would provide a fuller picture of his experience with Karezza. The following information completes the picture.
Les V. is now 73 and his wife is 70 years of age. He has 2 PhDs and is a retired former professor. He attended a lecture I gave 25 years ago in New York City about Karezza, for 2 hours, in 1983. I was teaching the same Energy-Karezza then, as I am doing now. He recorded my lecture and began to practice Karezza with his wife, the energy-enhanced version of Karezza that I have named Energy-Karezza in this book .
They have been using Energy-Karezza for 25 years, practically every day. Almost every morning after awakening they would go right to kissing and loving and then Karezza, averaging about 1 hour of sex. Whenever they had time, they would have sex 3 times daily, especially after retirement.
He never had difficulty in having and maintaining an erection, even at his present age of 73. His wife loved Energy Karezza sex. She loved and enjoyed the prolonged loving and caressing, which they shared in their mutual practice of Karezza. She felt uplifted, was very happy for days and full of energy.
In essence, from their own experiences, this couple was able to confirm what I was teaching 25 years ago, and what my book Energy-Karezza contains. I am very grateful that they contacted me with their story, confirming my own experience with Energy-Karezza.

Dr. Stanley S. Bass

"Give up 3 seconds, and you could have all the sex you wanted, any time, all day long. Never get tired of it, and never get tired of the woman involved. Plus, your woman would want this kind of sex, and could never get enough of it."


Here are some Karezza testimonials from Dr. Alice Stockham's writings. It is evident that the love and devotion between husband and wife can reach never-before-seen heights with the use of Karezza. With the use of Energy-Karezza, the ecstacy, excitement and bliss will reach much higher levels, & for longer time -- but the exactly same effect of complete love and devotion between partners can be seen. This renewed passion seems to be unavoidable.

A Testimony

Since my husband became acquainted with the philosophy of Zugassent (Karezza) he has endeared himself to me a hundred-fold, and although our so-called "honeymoon" was passed five years ago, it was no more real, and far less lasting than the ecstatic, the unspeakable happiness which is now continually mine.
My prosaic and sometimes indifferent husband has changed by a heavenly magic into an ardent and entrancing lover, for whose coming I watch with all the tender raptures of a schoolgirl. His very steps sends a thrill through me, for I know that my beloved will grasp me and clasp me and cover me with kisses such as only the most enthusiastic lover could give. And though the years lapse, I cannot see or feel any change in the way he cherishes me. To each, other, we are continual objects of deepest reverence and the most sacred mystery. Our affection deepens, our romance seems as sure and, enduring as the stars.
My lover! My hero! My knight! My husband! I date my marriage from the time when he became a disciple of Zugassent, for that was the beginning of our assured happiness.
But it is not alone as a cherishing lover that my husband has become my crown of happiness. He has grown perceptibly nobler in character, in purpose, in strength, in all the qualities that make man God-like, so that beside a lover I have a strong friend and wise counsellor, and my happiness is complete.

A Testimony

Birmingham, England, March 28, 1901.
... The teachings of Karezza came to me in a critical and trying time of my life. I had been married several years, and the harmony between my wife and self seemed dying out. She had loved me dearly, but the old sex embrace had no attraction for her, and grew more and more repulsive. The new teaching brought us into a new heaven and a new earth, I cannot tell you how happy we became. We were simply lovers, but such lovers as we had never been before.
An indescribable tenderness pervaded all our relations. My wife proved a sexual power and perfection rare and wonderful. Her mental and moral nature both developed until I hardly knew her, and I for the first time was sure that I was a poet. ...
Karezza seems to me to be the sex-blending of the moral natures, it seems to call out and arouse to an ecstasy of delight, and power the spiritual and poetic nature of both men and woman. It gives strength as if it were the key to unlock powers.
Karezza is perfectly successful where the two come together with a mutual loving desire to assist and bless each other, to blend and exchange spiritual gifts, to inspire each other to the noblest moods. Then the "Heaven" stage is easily reached,

"I simplified and improved the techniques more and more - I wanted to avoid any unnecessary or impractical additions to it, which abounded in the popular literature published."

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September 1, 2008 (FPRC) -- Is it even theoretically possible that every wife could become crazy about her husband? Is it possible to make every husband a world-class lover? Yes, absolutely, according to Dr. Stanley S. Bass. He himself has helped transform many marriages via Energy-Karezza. Dr. Stanley S. Bass has been able to break new ground and lift the old sex-practices Karezza and Tantra to new levels, thanks to his understanding of energy-medicine and nutrition. This is no theoretical knowledge. Dr. Bass throughly tested these advanced methods on himself and students during 50 years. The book describes this new frontier in sex, in a simple and descriptive manner, and a basic manual is included. He is critical overfor most existing sex-literature and calls it "the blind leading the blind". Karezza and Tantra are no longer difficult for the average person. Thanks to the new frontier opened with Energy-Karezza, every man can now quickly help his woman enjoy sex maximally. Men will get many-fold increased sexual pleasure, sustained for longer time; as well as more self-confidence, virility & attractiveness, from following Dr. Bass' advice. Other benefits: renewed love between husband and wife, fewer divorces, happier families. Dr. Bass has seen numerous examples of this among his Energy-Karezza students. The book also teaches how to increase your health, longevity & vital energy, and how to get rid of sexual problems naturally. Dr. Bass introduces the "Secret Of Energy", enabling optimal vital power in all areas of life. He describes the amazing psychology of this kind of sex. He tells many stories from his own 50 years with Energy-Karezza, e.g. comparing the Brahmacharya road to spiritual bliss with the Karezza/Tantra road.
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